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The EntelliGuard* G range of Power Circuit breakers encompasses a line of Three and Four pole Air Circuit Breakers with Nominal Currents ranging from 400 to 6400Amp in four basic envelopes.

EntelliGuard* Power Circuit Breakers are a new line of Air Circuit Breakers that have evolved from the existing M-PACT & ME07 types to offer a truly global product platform meeting IEC, ANSI and UL standards available from 400 to 6400A in three basic envelopes with fault interruption ratings of up to 150kA. 

The design offers a unique combination of High Fault current withstand ratings, fast fault interruption times and selectivity.

The Circuit Breaker includes the new state-of-the-art EntelliGuard* trip unit that provides the circuit breaker with the latest technology for system safety, reliability, measurement, relaying and communications using the Modbus or Profibus Protocols.

Available in four basic versions E, S, N and H. Each has a common design that comes with a screen providing an ammeter as standard.

A large range of internal accessories are available such as electrical operators, shunt releases, closing coils, undervoltage releases, interlock coils, auxiliary and alarm contacts with the designs being common to all three frame sizes. Each of these accessories can be factory fitted or supplied for field mounting.  

Designed to provide the user with years of safe and reliable service by combining a long life electrical and mechanical life span market leading thermal performance when enclosed in a panel or equipment and allows more than ample space to connect in and outgoing busbars and cables. Multiple front or rear access connection modes are possible. Independent of the number of poles, the rated current or the interruption rating, each of the two configurations has a common height, depth and cut-out dimension.

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