Miniature Circuit Breakers – MCB

Plug in Circuit Breaker
UL Standard
US Federal Government Specification Qualified

Q-Line Miniature Circuit Breakers - MCB

Q line circuit breakers are one-inch wide per pole, compact, thermal-magnetic devices designed for residential and commercial applications. The QC breakers are lug-lug versions of the Q Line and are available for 35mm DIN rail mounting. All Q Line circuit breakers feature Quick-make / Quick-break mechanisms, common trip bars, and easy to spot trip indication to ensure safety and reliability. Q Line breakers are available in 1, 2, and 3 pole versions and can be ordered with auxiliary contact and shunt trip accessories.

Features and Benefits

  • Molded Case
  • Thermal Magnetic
  • Compact Design
  • UL 489
  • Provide cost effective solutions
  • Available in 15A-100A
  • Single, Two, or Three pole units
  • Lug-Lug Connection
  • Quick connect version available

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