Busways / Busducts

Light-weight aluminum alloy housing
Optimized structure design
Advanced conductor processing technology
Reliable insulation
Ease of installation

GE 05.Busway_Busduct – WavePro LT Busway

Low voltage aluminum conductor busway for commercial and industrial applications up to 4000A, 690V.

WavePro LT busway provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective means of distributing electrical power in commercial and industrial applications.

WavePro LT busway has an aluminum conductor design with aluminum housing and sandwich structure that provides perfect heat dissipation performance. The low-magnetic material aluminum housing effectively reduces the eddy current hysteresis loss.

 Product Range

  • Rated operational voltage 690V, rated current up to 4000A with short circuit capacity up to 80kA.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to install saving time and cost 
  • Compact design to reduce electrical distribution footprint 
  • Flexibility in the installation process and simple extension for future expansion

Key Features

  • All aluminum housing for reduced losses and heat dissipation
  • Unique error-proof jointing features
  • Up to 5000A, 1000V ratings
  • IP41, IP54 and IP65 are available to suit all indoor applications 
  • Conforms to IEC61439 standards
  • 1000-hour salt fog testing ensures reliable operation in harsh environments

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