DIN rail terminal blocks were forever changed when WAGO introduced its patented CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure termination technology in 1977. This reduced wiring time by up to 50%, while delivering a reliable, maintenance free connection independent of operator skill. The success of this innovation led to further developments such as CAGE CLAMP® Compact, FIT CLAMP®, POWER CAGE CLAMP, and TOPJOB®S with CAGE CLAMP®S.

Much has changed in WAGO’s terminal block program over the past decades: Thanks to the development of CAGE-CLAMP® connection technology, conductors can be terminated securely in mere seconds, independently of one another and with absolute reliability. Thanks to Push-in CAGE CLAMP® technology, the TOPJOB®S DIN-rail-mount terminal blocks are the industry’s most compact. Solid conductors, such as for power circuit wiring in small distribution boxes, can be terminated by simply pushing them in. And not to forget that ground connection to the carrier rail has replaced time-consuming screw connections with simple mounting of the terminal block, reducing the many work steps involved to a minimum.

All of these continuous changes were made possible because WAGO remains true to its values: We see innovation at the center of our corporate activities. Our customers throughout the world expect safe, reliable, high-performance and economical products from us – and we rise up to this challenge each and every day.

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