X Good Reasons

X-COM® and X-COM® S, as well as X-COM® S MINI pluggable rail-mount terminal blocks are the modular system for time- and cost-saving system wiring. X-COM® systems are ideal for system wiring especially in switchgear and control applications (e.g., railway technology).

The pre-assembled and pluggable X-COM® and X-COM® S systems offer X good reasons for using them:
On the one hand, connectors can be pre-assembled independently of the final assembly and pre-assembled groups can be tested before assembly. On the other hand, components can be quickly and reliably replaced via 100% mismating and touch-proof protection. This not only saves time and money, but also allows assembly by non-specialists. Even components that are not mounted on a DIN 35 carrier rail can be easily incorporated into the system wiring via X-COM®.

X-COM® – WAGO’s wide range of pluggable rail-mount terminal blocks equipped with the proven CAGE CLAMP® connection.

X-COM® S – Benefit from a much more compact design, as well as Push-in CAGE CLAMP® S connection for direct termination of solid or ferruled conductors.

More highlights:

  • Conductor connection up to 4 mm² (AWG 12) at 32 A
  • Wire connection up to 1.5 mm² (16 AWG) with a terminal block width of only 3.5 mm (0.137 in.)
    (X-COM®S-MINI, 2020 Series)
  • Coding prevents errors
  • Mechanical protection via locking levers, strain relief plates and housings
  • Can be combined and commoned with TOPJOB® S DIN-rail terminal blocks
  • Dual jumper slots for various commoning options
  • Versatile, large-area marking options for even better
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