Easy, safe, maintenance-free: Perfect for DIN-rails, circuit boards or junction boxes or as pluggable connectors in cable ducts or control cabinets – WAGO offers the right electrical interconnect solutions for every application. All our electrical interconnection solutions are distinguished by:

  • Time savings
  • Maintenance-free
  • Suitable for all conductor types
  • Reliability for all applications
  • Long-term contact quality – independent of operator skill

Electrical Interconnection Varieties

Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks Systems

            The largest selection of rail-mount terminal blocks from the market leader. The best rail-mount terminal blocks for all applications, along with answers to frequently asked questions, can be found here. Our high-performance line serves as the perfect basis for your control cabinet solution!

The Benefits for You:

  • The right handling variant is available for every application
  • A complete, high-performance line of terminal blocks for every application
  • The highest level of safety: testing beyond the requirements of standards
  • Industry-proven spring pressure connection technology: fast, vibration-proof, maintenance-free
  • Additional savings through shorter wiring times, faster project commissioning and the elimination of service costs
  • Eliminate time-consuming preparation – no ferrules or crimping required

Installation Terminal Blocks and Connectors

            Save time and costs with our installation terminal blocks and connectors. Whether in a junction box or distribution box, WAGO’s installation terminal blocks and connectors offer you the right product for every installation job. Push-in termination of solid conductors, such as that offered by our junction box connectors, saves you plenty of time and money.

Your benefits:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • The right terminal block and connector for every application
  • Minimal space requirements enable high wiring density
  • Clearly organized wiring in control cabinets and junction boxes
  • Maintenance-free installation
  • Permanent, secure connections


Faster Connection: Pluggable Connectors

            The pluggable solution for faster connection for your application. The right solution for every application: Whether on the printed circuit board, in the control cabinet or for lighting connection, WAGO’s pluggable connectors quickly and easily connect to the widest variety of applications.

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive product range for any application
  • Conductors are always securely clamped via spring pressure connection technology
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination of both solid and ferruled conductors
  • Guaranteed protection against mismatching through individual coding


Pluggable PCB Connectors and PCB Terminal Blocks

            Different applications demand different solutions. WAGO offers the widest range of PCB terminal blocks and pluggable connectors for these. For example, the various spring pressure connection technologies allow you to meet your challenges in drive and controller technology or lighting industry quite easily.

Your benefits:

  • Highly diverse variants
  • Easy and safe use
  • Permanent, secure conductor termination via spring pressure connection technology
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® and PUSH-WIRE® variants for fast, time-saving termination of solid and ferruled conductors
  • Seamless integration into your manufacturing process with products for wave/manual (THT) and reflow soldering (THR/SMT)


For Worldwide Use: Field-Wiring Terminal Blocks

          Whether Europe, the USA or Asia, WAGO’s Field-Wiring Terminal Blocks fulfill country-specific requirements for secure, safe and simple device connection around the world.

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive range of field-wiring terminal blocks
  • Wide conductor range: 0.5 … 4 mm2 (20–12 AWG)
  • Terminate solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors
  • Support various mounting options


Feedthrough Components

            WAGO’s versatile connection technology for through-panel applications offers you limitless flexibility in finding solutions. Select between different combinations of permanent and push-in device connections with direct conductor or solder contacts.

Your benefits:

  • Wide product range for multiple applications
  • Various mounting options to meet your requirements
  • Direct ground contact to the housing
  • Internal clamping, wire-wrap and solder contacts
  • Universal spring pressure connection for all conductor types
  • Conductor range: 0.08 … 16 mm2; (28 … 6 AWG)

Perfectly Plugged Electrical Installations – with WINSTA®

            The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System easily meets the strict requirements of building installations. The system provides simple pluggable electrical connections – making electrical installation fast, safe and error-free. This is also true for other applications, such as marine and railway systems, as well as industrial applications.

            Protected against mismating and maintenance-free

            Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology allows solid conductors to be simply pushed in

            A wide product range readily meets all electrical installation requirements: plugs, sockets, snap-in device connectors and PCB connectors, as well as distribution connectors, cable assemblies and distribution boxes

            Compact design

            Components can be clearly printed on and color-coded to meet custom requirements

Marking for a Streamlined Control Cabinet Overview

            With perfectly tuned hardware and software, WAGO offers high-performance, individual marking solutions for terminal blocks, cables/conductors and devices. Find the right WAGO products that meet your needs, quickly and easily.

Your benefits:

  • Wide range of markers for all control cabinet marking applications
  • Interfaces to CAE programs (e.g., EPLAN, WSCAD) and to the smartDESIGNER online configurator
  • Prevent faulty insertion with automatic adaptation to size relationships


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