Dry Type Transformers

Reliability – Flexibility – Efficiency – Safety

                   Wave Cast coil transformers from GE are characterized by proven technology, application flexibility, lower installation cost, operating efficiency, and environmental acceptability. Advanced design of the winding assembly establishes superior performance to meet today’s exacting needs. Indoors or out, they are designed for use in the most demanding and diverse environments and in all applications requiring reliable electrical power.

Typical applications of cast-coil transformers 

                   In addition to commercial buildings, hospitals, universities, and residential areas, Wave Cast cast-coil transformers are also ideally suited to the following applications:

  • Steel mills 
  • Industrial critical power solutions 
  • Wind generation / turbines
  • Offshore platforms
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Chemical plants
  • Cement and mining operations
  • Automotive industry
  • High-rise building and waterfront installations
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